Phoenix Coyotes lose on Mike Smith Butt Goal

the butt goal

Phoenix Coyotes‘ goalie Mike Smith slides into the net with the puck stuck in his pants giving the game-winning goal to the Buffalo Sabres.

By Brad Constant, Dec. 24, 2013

First there was the Butt Fumble, then there was the Butt Tag, now there is the Butt Goal courtesy of Phoenix Coyotes’ goalie Mike Smith, who slid into his own net with the puck stuck in his pants.  In Smith’s defense, he had no idea that the puck had fallen into the back of his pants.

It all starts with Smith making a save and giving up a rebound.  He then poke checks the puck at the same time as a Sabres’ forward, which launches the puck up into the air.  The puck ends up landing in the back of Smith’s pants without him knowing, and as every goaltender is taught, Smith scrambles back to his net and puts himself in a position to keep the puck out.  However, he ends up putting the puck in his own net, and giving the Buffalo Sabres the game-winning goal in overtime.  Here it is, the Butt Goal.

Now we’d like your opinion on which is worse, the Butt Fumble, Butt Tag or Butt Goal.  Here are the Butt Fumble and Butt Tag videos followed by a poll.  Let us know which is worse by voting.


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